About CDL project

Czech Digital Library is the main outcome of the research project entitled “Czech Digital Library and Tools for the Management of Complex Digitization Processes”, project identification code: DF12P01OVV002, funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic in 2012-2015.

As part of a project supported by the MK ČR NAKI program, we have developed the following freely available software solutions:

Kramerius – software for making digital documents accessible

  • Kramerius represents the default software solution for Czech digital library. It is also the dominant solution for the operation of digital libraries in the Czech Republic.
  • it is primarily intended for accessing digitized library collections, monographs and magazines, but can be used for accessing other types of documents such as maps, sheetmusic, old print or even parts of a document like arcticles or chapters.
  • Kramerius is also great for presenting born-digital documents – these are documets which were created only in digital form and were never physical in the first place.
  • The software is continuously updated so that the structure of metadata corresponds to the standards made by the National Library of the Czech Republic.
  • Kramerius provides an interface for end-user access, providing metadata and full-text searches, generating multi-page PDF documents from selected pages, creating virtual collections, and other operations on a stored collection of digital documents.

Further information and source code for the Kramerius system are available here.

ProArc – software for creating and editing metadata and for managing digital documents

  • ProArc was developed as a completely new open source solution within the project DF12P01OVV002 – Czech Digital Library.
  • It serves libraries for the production of digital documents in accordance with the standards of the National Library of the Czech Republic.
  • ProArc offers data exports in the native FOXML format intended for the Kramerius system (Fedora Digital Repository) but it also allows creating packages for archiving according to the standard of the National Digital Library.
  • The first version of the ProArc 1.0 K4 system was released in 2013. The following year the ProArc 2.0 NDK version was released. As of this version, ProArc is already in full operation at several workplaces.

The development of the system continues, new types of documents (eg old prints) and new export formats are being added. More information and source code are available here.

RDflow – a system for recording digitization workflow

  • RDflow is a system whose purpose is to record partial steps of the digitization workflow directly at individual digitization workplaces.
  • RDflow shares data with the Digitization Register and is directly integrated into the ProArc production tool.

Further information and source code are available here.