About project

Dvorana Knihovny Akademie vědThe goal of the project is to create the Czech Digital Library (“CDL”) which will aggregate content of digital libraries in the Czech Republic. It will serve both as a uniform interface for end-users and as a primary data provider for international projects, especially for Europeana, the European digital library. It will also be an important source of digital data generally and is one of the main pillars needed to provide centralized digital services in the Czech Republic, as defined in the “Library Development Strategy of the Czech Republic for 2011 to 2015,” approved by the Czech Ministry of Culture.

The open source Kramerius 4 system will be the initial software solution for the Czech Digital Library. Kramerius 4 is based on the Fedora repository and is widely used as a digital library system in the Czech Republic. It was developed jointly through the cooperation of the Library of the Academy of Sciences and the National Library of the Czech Republic with IT companies Qbizm and INCAD. Ensuring the interoperability with various types of digital libraries and institutional repositories is necessary. Besides data harvesting from different instances of the Kramerius 4 system, it is also necessary to arrange a connection with other systems (e.g., Dspace, Eprints, Digitool). Some special proprietary solutions must be worked out, which will be technically more difficult to hook up for cooperation.

The Czech Digital Library will also serve as OAI-PMH provider with the ESE profile support to share data with Europeana. Some other OAI-PMH profiles might also be implemented to facilitate cooperation with other centralized international projects (e.g., World Digital Library).

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